Village Blessings

Claudine Blessing Nyota's work in Public Health & Nutrition in the Village of Maksem, and more!


Claudine Blessing Nyota is currently living in Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health and Nutrition, she is working to improve the health and nutrition of families in rural villages.

Until she was 9 years old, Blessing lived with her family in a village outside of Lubumbashi. After her parents died, Claudine Nyota and her siblings worked to support themselves in the big city of Lubumbashi.  Her older brother earned money by going door-to-door offering to do chores.  School was important, but there was no money for bus fare to get there and she often fainted en route from hunger.  A couple of years after the Jamaa Letu Orphanage for girls was founded by the United Methodist Church, her pastor arranged for her to live there.  She was twelve years old.

Today, Claudine is the first university graduate from the orphanages and she earned her  degree in Public Health & Nutrition.  She is also the mentor and leader of the students who are following her path.

Author Rev. Kristin is actually a friend of Claudine Blessing too – and is the editor of this blog for now while Blessing is doing the work in the Congo. The writing, the stories and most of the photos are directly from Blessing. Rev. Kristin is located in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.