Blessing is in all her exuberance and love working really hard to stay committed to all of her work. As a newlywed and also a new mom, this isn’t always easy. For this blog, her friend Kristin is going to fill you in on some of her activities.

First of all she wants you all to know that she is not being careless and is taking her project work in Maksem village very seriously. She cares about the children and the families of Maksem very much.

As you know, she and her husband Dillon both work for a salary at a TESOL, The English School of Lubumbashi. She teaches, does lesson planning, and keeps the school books inventory. She and Dillon are running the school canteen and need to make sure there is everything needed every day at the canteen. They are also parents to their baby, Tanyisa!

Dillon goes to the farm in Maksem about 3 times per month.  They have planted cabbages that will be harvested in September.  For the local school, Blessing was able to cook porridge for the kids on her Birthday. She was unfortunately delayed due to the bad traffic Jam and by the time she arrived, the students were gone. She did manage to take pictures with those that were there, but was unable to return the following week as she had promised them.

Kids outside in Maksem
Kids at the school in Maksem

She did get to have a meeting about her new plans with the two directors of the school on that same day.

Directors of Maksem School
Blessing with the Directors of the School in their office in Maksem

Any time Dillon goes to the farm, he takes all the ingredients needed for porridge. Kasongo, the farm supervisor keeps the ingredients at his house. There are some ladies that will cook for the kids for a small wage that Blessing gives them. The ladies cook for the kids twice per week, on Mondays and Saturdays.

She rarely finds time on Saturdays to go to Maksem village. Saturdays she finds that she needs to put order in her house, buy groceries, do laundry, play with their baby Tanyisa and receive visitors. On Sundays, they go to church and prepare for the following week. If you have been a new parent, I’m sure you understand this season of her life. Your thoughts and prayers are very important to Blessing as she goes about her work as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.